IT Intrusion Detection Systems

At GA Systems we encourage a proactive approach to network security. We understand that business-critical assets such as servers and routers can be vulnerable targets for malicious attacks, which is why you need to fortify the digital perimeter and pay close attention to what is happening within the network itself.

IT intrusion detection systems grant security users and administrators with the visibility they need to monitor network activity, track external threats and analyse user conduct.

By investigating suspicious net traffic you can develop a picture of where the holes are throughout the network and then attempt to adapt your other strategies to combat the constantly changing conditions.

Circumvent loopholes by enforcing updated policies, revoking access to compromised user accounts, reconfiguring firewalls and more. Use these applications to learn more about the operational environment and find new, effective ways to strengthen your protection strategies.

Trustwave IT Intrusion Detection Systems & Prevention

One of the software solutions that GA Systems uses is a part of the Trustwave suite. These particular applications are easy-to-deploy and can be configured and implemented quickly.

Why Use Trustwave?

  • This technology features a modern detection engine that allows big business to control access inside the network to secure assets with full-state inspection. Confirm the contents of your network and track data integrity without needing to redesign the entire network
  • IP address and routing changes are not required due to encryption processes
  • We can incorporate targeted signature sets with default groupings such as ‘balanced’, ‘compliance over security’ and vice versa to help you satisfy specific environmental requirements related to where the sensors are placed
  • A consistent, 24×7, service that identifies strange activities while filtering false positives to confirm real-time threats


Forcepoint provide IT intrusion detections systems that are integrated to simplify product management and product upgrades. They are built on three Forcepoint foundation technologies:

  • The Forcepoint TRITON APX architecture supports web security, email security, endpoint security and data loss prevention (DLP) products that can be purchased together or individually. All are managed by a unified console.
  • Forcepoint ACE (Advanced Classification Engine) contains real-time inline contextual defenses that use composite risk scoring and predictive analytics to deliver the most effective security available.
  • The Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Intelligence Cloud unites more than 900 million endpoints, including inputs from social media, and, in conjunction with ACE security defenses, analyses 3–5 billion requests per day.


A10 Networks offers a range of security products with the new premium Thunder and original AX application delivery controllers (ADCs) as well as the Thunder Threat Protection System (TPS). Each is built on the Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) with rich security feature sets. These A10 products can help you scale, improve efficiency and enhance the security posture of your DMZ security infrastructure.

Scaling security devices and encrypted communications with IT intrusion detection systems is a critical requirement as your network grows in complexity and size. A10 ADCs can be used to provide SSL-Insight and SSL-Offload to reduce resource-intensive encryption and decryption functions from your security devices. Also, firewall load balancing (FWLB) features can be utilised to more efficiently scale for future demands.

Defend against emerging DDoS attacks which leverage large distributed networks of botnets to overwhelm network and server resources with legitimate traffic protocols, circumventing conventional security devices for inspection and defence. Thunder TPS protects against multi-vector attacks, including network-layer and application-layer attacks such as high-volume TCP SYN floods and protocol anomalies.

Selectively apply dynamic security chains via traffic steering to forward incoming traffic based on origin or content type to appropriate firewalls or other security devices for processing and inspection, optimising flows to go to select locations for saving compute cycles and offloading DMZ security infrastructure.

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