Data Loss Prevention Solutions

Innovations in how we do business online has changed how we access and store sensitive information. Mobile device usage has proliferated along with our reliance on the cloud for the sake of convenience. There is a compromise for our technological freedom and that is being exposed to new risks and vulnerabilities.

Your immediate concern should be: have I mapped all access control methods and considered the needs of my users as well as any risks to the business? Ultimately, who is in control of your data?

IT administrators should enforce IT policies. Consider your current methods of locking down the network to restrict confidential data from being distributed. Are your policies:

  • Relevant?
  • Consistent?
  • Up-to-date?

GA Systems have the tools and the expertise to improve IT security with network data loss preventionmethodologies.

The Need for Better Network Security


Forcepoint, Inc. is a global leader in protecting organisations from advanced cyber-attacks and data theft. Forcepoint TRITON APX comprehensive security solutions unify web, email, data and endpoint security at the lowest total cost of ownership. Tens of thousands of enterprises rely on Forcepoint TRITON security intelligence to stop advanced persistent threats, targeted attacks and evolving malware. Forcepoint prevents data breaches, intellectual property theft and enforces security compliance and best practices.


ForeScout CounterACT is an automated security control platform that delivers real-time visibility and control of all devices on your network. This system automatically identifies who and what is on your network, controls access and measures compliance with your security policies, blocks network threats and remediates endpoint security violations when they occur.


Trustwave’s network data loss prevention tool comes with predefined policy settings that can be tweaked to your specifications. This software features scalable architecture that includes a common software platform that unifies all Trustwave products.

Network Data Loss Prevention

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