The Perks of Advanced Persistent Threat Protection

Your corporate network – and the sensitive information it contains – is only as secure as its weakest link. At GA Systems we recommend that you invest in advanced persistent threat protection to lockdown all potential IT vulnerabilities.

What are advanced persistent threats (APTs) and why do we need to maintain a formidable control strategy?

APTs are often insidious cyber-attacks where unauthorised parties infiltrate a network and continue to exploit the system without being detected. To avoid administrator scrutiny these attackers are mindful of IT intrusion detection systems and attempt a series of small-scale objectives in order to achieve a long-term goal such as opening a backdoor in the network.

This means that an intelligent APT will mine data for usernames, passwords and more to seize valuable digital assets rather than cause obvious disruptions.

After an attacker has established valid credentials they can bolster their invasion by potentially obtaining administrator capabilities. If an APT manages to distribute malware and create their own infrastructure then your network is truly compromised and you will need professional advice to restore order.

These nefarious exploiters can cause a lot of grief for organisations that deal with important information.Everyone from government to manufacturing could be a viable phishing target.

IT Intrusion Detection Systems and Data Loss Prevention Solutions

APTs can be difficult to confirm which is why GA Systems offers a consultancy service and ongoing technical support as well as other essential security technology packages and advanced persistent threat protection.

  • Take a closer look at the data packets that leave the network. You might identify a suspicious exfiltration attempt from an advanced persistent threat
  • Check your mobile devices and other endpoints so that they do not provide an easy backdoor for attackers

IT Security Education Opportunities

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